Nea Moni was founded in the middle of the 11th century, with a donation of the emperor Constantine IX Monomachos and his wife, Zoe.
For many centuries it was the most important religious center on Chios but was repeatedly destroyed in the 19th century. It was plundered by the Turks in 1822 and was severely damaged by an earthquake in 1881, which caused the collapse of the dome, the belltower, the apse of the sanctuary of the catholicon, as well as the destruction of many mosaics


One of the most beautiful areas of the island is Kambos, a green valley 3 Km south of Chora covered with citrus orchards. Kambos (“Plain”) is a flat land that stretches, along the east coast of the island of Chios, about 10 Km long and 2 Km wide. The low mountains that surround it from the west are the source of its underground waters; what makes Kambos an endless garden with flowers and citrus trees, very close to the capital of Chios. Kambos represents a unique, both residential and agricultural site, situated in a very critical area of Greece and Europe, in general.


The village of Anavatos is built on a conical cliff 450 meters above the sea, with steep sides to the south and west, and with only a single access to the north. The people took advantage of the natural fortification of this cliff, and strengthened it with a circular wall surrounding the houses that seem to be glued, one to the other. Together with the cliff, the village made up the defensive perimeter of the fortress.


The Castle-village, takes you back centuries, with its very few changes. It keeps its houses tied tightly together in what seems like a closed and compact form. The streets are cobbled and narrow. This type of fortress, a four-cornered structure, was built for protection against the frequent attacks by pirates and Turks, as well as for better cultivation of the mastic bush. It lies in small, treeless valleys far from the sea. The gray houses had doors and windows that faced only the interior of the wall, that is, inside the village.


The cave of Olimbi is a cave-precipice with an excellent decoration of stalactites. Although it is not very big is one of the most important caves in Greece.

It is open from early May till October.

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